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Naniki Barbados

Perched high in the hills of St. Joseph Parish...

Perched high in the hills of St. Joseph Parish, Naniki, a creation of Tom Hinds, is popularly known for its breathtaking views, peaceful surroundings and island cuisine. The restaurant offers a sumptuous lunch buffet on Sundays and a la carte lunch on weekdays. Visitors to Naniki can experience a taste of the forest on our nature walk or for the more adventurous, our trail hike through the valley. The property boasts 10 cozy self-contained cottages (single and double) with 20 bedrooms available for occupancy.


Naniki is perfect for health and wellness, personal getaways,

retreats and special events.

Simply looking for a vacation with a natural difference, then step into our world and indulge in the country life.

Buffet style dining in

an amazing setting

RETREAT Packages tailored to meet your every need

Enjoy the quiet sounds of a peaceful life


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